5. Reasons to Protect Mother Cows on International Women’s Day

5 Reasons to Protect Mother Cows
on International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day, which means it’s time to discuss the oppression that female animals face, specifically cows.

1. Mother cows have their babies taken away from them 2-3 days after giving birth, they’re known to fight farmers when their children are being taken away. They’re artificially inseminated to give birth as many as 4 times in their lifetime, being slaughtered once they reach 6 years old. Their natural life span is 20 years.

2. Their children are sent to slaughter, locked in a crate for six months for veal, or destined to have the same fate as their mother.

3. Mother cows produce milk for their babies, not for humans. Humans are the only species known to force another animal to give birth yearly, then steal their milk. Why are humans drinking another species breast milk?

4. Mother cows love their calves. Some people choose to say that mother cows on farms don’t love their babies. On sanctuaries they spend time with their children, and on farms they fight farmers to stay with their calves.

5. It’s easy to end animal oppression. There are a variety of plant milks: from soy, to almond, to hemp, to fit everyone’s dietary needs. There are also vast selections of plant based meats and cheeses to keep cow products off of your plate.

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