50. Reasons to Go Vegan

50 Reasons to Go Vegan

  1. Animal rights
  2. Animals are intelligent, empathetic beings
  3. Veganism isn’t expensive
  4. You’re less likely to develop heart disease and cancer
  5. It’s easy, there are hundreds of resources for making the switch
  6. Animals love life, and are known to run away from factory farms
  7. 91% of Amazon rain forest deforestation is due to animal agriculture
  8. Majority of plastics in the ocean are from fishing
  9. Fish are sentient and feel pain
  10. Cows, pigs, and other animals forced into agriculture feel pain
  11. Animals are beaten into submission so they perform “tricks” at circuses
  12. Rodeos will hurt bulls so they become “aggressive”
  13. Animals aren’t here for your entertainment
  14. Cows produce milk for their children, not humans
  15. Chickens have been biologically manipulated in order to mass produce eggs
  16. Animals suffer in factory farms
  17. It’s scientifically proven that veganism is healthier than carnism or vegetarianism
  18. A new study states “diets that are better for the planet are better for you”
  19. Pigs are as intelligent as a three year old
  20. Octopi have started using tools to help gather food (their own stone-age)
  21. Mother cows cry when their babies are taken away from them
  22. Vegan food isn’t weird, it’s weird to eat a dead animals secretions
  23. No one owns the right to another beings life
  24. Animal consumption is linked to diabetes
  25. Animal agriculture is a main reason of antibiotic resistance
  26. Animal agriculture causes more greenhouse gas emissions than transport
  27. Majority of the population is lactose intolerant
  28. Plenty of societies have thrived without eating animals
  29. Vegan businesses are expanding
  30. Not eating meat protects endangered species
  31. Pigs are killed six months after birth
  32. Male chicks are killed on their first day of life
  33. Calves used for veal never see sunlight
  34. Mother cows are forcefully impregnated
  35. Animal testing poisons, shocks, harms, and kills animals
  36. 100 million animals are used for testing annually
  37. 92% of animal tested drugs fail in humans
  38. Even backyard hens are killed after two to five years
  39. Bees are hurt when collecting honey
  40. Bees use their honey to survive winter
  41. Honey bees are invasive, and harming our natural polinators
  42. Animal agriculture spreads disease
  43. Using our crops for humans could end world hunger
  44. Animal products contain harmful dioxins, antibiotics, and hormones
  45. There’s over 500 vegan restaurants in the US
  46. There’s an entire vegan neighborhood in Toronto, Canada
  47. Workers in slaughter houses have the highest rates of PTSD and suicide of any field
  48. Pigs are trapped in crates that are only 2 feet wide
  49. Male cows are castrated
  50. You’ll live more ethically

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