5 Ways to Reduce Your Waste

5 Ways to Reduce Your Waste

1. Buy fewer frozen food items. While they’re easy to grab and cook, frozen food items produce a lot of plastic waste.

2. Do more digital. Digital waste can be environmentally devastating, but if you already have a laptop or tablet, you can produce less paper waste by using your electronic device more often.

3. Reduce your grocery bag usage. People use around 100 billion plastic grocery bags per year, only 1% of which get recycled, and some studies say that paper bags take the same amount of time to bio-degrade as plastic bags. We recommend a bio-degradable reusable cotton bag for grocery shopping.

4. Make your own snacks. While it’s easy to pick up a bag of kale chips in the snack-aisle at your local grocery store, making your own can be easy, fun, and economical. Plus, you don’t have to waste the packaging.

5. Cut out paper towels. Paper towels may be an easy cleaning solution, but rags are just as efficient, easy to wash, and you don’t have to buy them weekly.

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