3 reasons lab-grown meat isn’t vegan

3 Reasons Why Lab-Grown Meat Isn’t Vegan

It’s time to talk about the new fad known as lab-grown meat, and end the “is it vegan?” debate.

  1. Animals will still be harmed.

Animals will still be harmed for lab-grown meat, stem cells and fetal serum are still needed to create lab-grown meat. What is fetal serum? A substance from blood that was taken from a cow fetus, a process which kills the fetus and causes harm.

2. Companies still use egg for the meat

More specifically, they use egg powder for the production of lab-grown meat to add “texture and flavor”. 9 billion chickens are killed each year in the United States alone.

3. Stem cells are not self-renewing

While stem cells from an animal can produce a lot of meat, they still can’t get more stem cells from the lab-grown meat to increase production.

Lab-grown meat still causes suffering for animals, animals are harmed to get stem cells (they’re usually slaughtered), they’re harmed for the growth of the stem cells, and there are animal products such as egg in the meat. While lab-grown meat does reduce the number of animals harmed, one animal being hurt is one too many.

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